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One of the absurdities of modern society is that cities are so crowded, yet finding a suitable date can be a really challenging endeavor for any single person. And if that single person happens to have any form of disability or condition, their chances of finding a decent date goes from difficult to nearly impossible. It is for people who find themselves in just that kind of situation that MPWH.com exists. MPWH (Meet People with Herpes) is a website that caters to the dating needs of single people living with herpes. It eliminates the fear of rejection single people living with herpes are faced with on mainstream dating avenues. Just like other people, they are finding someone whom they can the rest of their life with.


Because the site draws membership from users all over the world, its members have a chance to build meaningful relationship regardless of their condition in whatever part of the world they are in.

Protect Privacy:

The biggest attraction of MPWH is obviously its promise of privacy and the website places a premium on that. Members determine the amount of personal information they are comfortable with sharing and using a photo on a profile is optional. Additionally, MPWH features a "Quick Exit" button that immediately redirects to another site to protect privacy in potentially embarrassing situations. However, although members are guaranteed anonymity, like all other social media, users are expected to protect themselves by not disclosing personal details such as credit card information to anyone.


Free lifetime membership without the full range of the site's features. Users on free membership plan can only access the forum on open days.

Paid membership exist in two categories: $20 will give full for 80 days, but at the price of $350 the user gets lifetime membership.


The MPWH service is similar to most dating sites, users can choose the amount of information they want to share about themselves and can set their match preferences according to the standard criteria used by most dating websites (age, education, location, height, weight, lifestyle, etc). Additional features include filtered search, live chat, forums, video messaging via webcam, text messaging and blocking members from gaining access to your profile. One of the most helpful features of the MPWH is that it offers scheduled chats with doctors and a monthly newsletter on latest medical developments.